Roof Depot: Roofing Maintenance Program

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Do you need a new roof, but aren’t ready to commit to purchasing a full replacement? Have you recently replaced your roof but aren’t sure of the quality of installation?

Roof Depot has a solution
for your peace of mind!

We would like to introduce to the Roof Depot Roof-Top Maintenance Program. Our comprehensive maintenance program provides expert analysis and craftsmanship to your existing roof by conducting a thorough rooftop inspection in order to troubleshoot any areas that are damaged or worn due to age, weather, material defect, or poor installation.

Roof Depot’s expert staff inspects everything from nail pops to flashing while performing minor repairs, such as defective pipe boots or minor torn/ripped shingles. Included in our annual program is a full gutter cleaning as well as full roof debris removal of objects that can lead to potential or existing leaks.

Members of the Roof Depot Roof-Top Maintenance Program enjoy benefits such as:

  • 24 hour emergency/repair response
  • Rapid (priority) response time
  • Discounts on repairs
  • Discounts on future roof replacements