Skylights Installed by Roof Depot's Certified Roofing Contractors

skylights1Whether you are looking to replace existing skylights or are interested in installing new skylights, Roof Depot offers affordable solutions to meet your needs.

Natural lighting provides a more attractive and pleasurable atmosphere inside your home, while transforming ordinary rooms into deluxe spacious interiors. Roof Depot installs Velux™ skylight and SUN TUNNEL ™ products, which are the best skylights on the market.

  • Velux skylights and sun tunnels are ENERGY STAR ™ approved in all 50 states
  • Velux SUN TUNNEL ™ products provide natural light where skylights cannot be installed
  • Velux offers a variety of light control options, which include multiple styles of blinds and shades.

Roof Depot also offers skylight solutions for flat/low slope roofs as well as commercial applications.

Velux SUN TUNNEL skylights offer daylight solutions to interior office space with no additional energy consumption.

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