Safety Program for Roofers & Roofing Contractors

Depot Safe Logo 1A Corporate Culture

Each day, Roof Depot represents thousands of families that depend on their loved ones’ safe return home.  It’s a monumental responsibility we take very seriously.  The Depot Safe identity conveys our unwavering commitment to worker safety and reminds us that safety isn’t a set of protocols, but a fundamental value that we must protect at all costs.

Depot Safe is designed to positively engage each person it encounters, challenging them to make safe decisions for their life, their family, and their legacy.

Depot Safe focuses on both technical and behavioral aspects of safe construction. Facilitating a shift in behavior creates a mindset where workers feel a personal duty and commitment to make intelligent choices with safety at the forefront. Simply inspecting for safety will never achieve our desired outcome of sending everyone home to their family safely each day. Having a workforce that is personally engaged and committed to working safely is the cornerstone to eliminating injuries.

Depot Safe In Action

The Depot Safe logo signage is displayed throughout our work environment on signage, PPE materials, and apparel.

Alongside our commitment to safety, we educate each and every one of our employees to be safety professionals to help enhance the program, each employee brings their own set of experiences and perspectives. Our dedicated team works to enhance the passion and focus we have for safety in a “no fear” environment. All of our employees are safety professionals and innovate Roof Depot’s safety program and foster an environment where everyone is fully engaged.

Corporate Safety Awards

Roof Depot is committed to providing a place of employment free from all recognized hazards. Through constant inspections of jobsites and continuing education for our employees, Roof Depot has achieved a level of success with our recognizable low injury and illness rates.