Roofing Ventilation by Roof Depot's Certified Roofing Contractors

Shingle Roof Ridge Vents

Power VentilationVentilation is an important component of every roofing system. Like a heart that pumps blood throughout the body to sustain life, proper ventilation circulates air throughout your attic space, giving life to your roofing system, while providing additional benefits, such as potential savings in energy bills.

Every roof must have a proper, balanced system that provides an equal amount of air intake at the eaves (soffits) and air exhaust via roofing vents such as ridge vents or power vents.

Roof Depot’s team members are factory-trained experts in ventilation assessments and can provide business and home owners a comprehensive analysis of current ventilation conditions as well as affordable solutions that maximize efficiency in attic ventilation.

Improper ventilation ages your shingle roof through granular loss and shingle buckling.
Improper ventilation can increase the heat held in your attic and encourages mold development. These negative changes in your roof commonly increase energy costs. A properly ventilated attic should only reach 110-115 degrees, but improper vented attics can reach a scorching 180 degrees.

Roof Warranties & Ventilation

Most roofing warranties require that your roof be properly ventilated. As many homes do not have proper ventilation, we provide a home audit to check if your home has proper ventilation. The Roof Depot then will provide you with an estimate for solution options. As a responsible roofing company, and out of consideration to our customers, we refuse to put a roof on with improper ventilation.